Dewtone Syrup


Each 5 ml contains extract of:

  • Bala : 50 mg
  • Askand : 150 mg
  • Triphala : 250 mg
  • Manuka : 50 mg
  • sariva : 50 mg
  • Manjistha : 50 mg
  • Shatavari : 150 mg
  • Sugar : Q.S.(Approved)

Indication: General health tonic and improves digestion and appetite.
Dosage: 2 tea spoons thrice a day with equal amount of water or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Bala (Sidacordiforia): The essential oil has rejuvenating properties, which aids in nervine disorders and mental debility. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve joint and muscles aches. Country Mallow is known to stimulate sexual organs and enhance the male libido. In recent times, the herb is being used in weight loss supplements.
  • Askand (WithaniaSomnifera or Ashwagandha): It is used in asthma and as a uterine sedative. Its alkaloids showed relaxant and antispasmodic effects against several spasmogens on intestinal, uterine, bronchial, tracheal and blood vascular is a rasayana agent in the indigenous system of medicine, Ayurveda. It helps in increasing the sense of well-being and improves sexual performance. Triphala :As a rejuvenative herb, it nourishes body tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process. As a powerful antioxidant, EmblicMyrobalan helps scavenge free radicals linked to premature aging. It helps in building the body’s immune system and provides resistance against many diseases, especially those of the respiratory tract.
  • Manuka: The antioxidants present in Grapes reduce the damage caused by free radicals and slacken the ageing process. Grape juice can be used to treat migraines. Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which prevents blood clots, thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks. In addition, the antioxidants present in Grapes prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which blocks blood vessels. Grapes can be used to treat asthma.
  • Sariva (Hemidesmusindicus): Indian Sarsaparilla cools the urinary tract, which effectively alleviates the burning sensation during urination. The herb is also helpful in treating urinary infections and kidney disorders. As an antibacterial, Indian Sarsaparilla treats skin diseases and promotes skin healing.
  • Manjistha (rubiacordifolia): As an effective blood detoxifier, Indian Madder treats skin disorders like hyperpigmentation, scabies, acne and allergies. The herb is also known to maintain overall health and is beneficial in the treatment of liver diseases, gall stones and amenorrhea.
  • Shatavari : The herb helps in digestiOn and alleviates ulcers and other inflammatory stomach ailments. Asparagus can restore hormonal balance in women who have fluctuating hormonal levels due to menstruation and menopause. It enhances fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle. It is a natural diuretic that reduces water retention.

Packing: Available in pack of 100 ml. Bottle only.