Liverex Syrup


Each 5 ml contains extract of:

  • Triphala 450 mg
  • Gulwel 50 mg
  • Kutki 50 mg
  • Adulsa 50 mg
  • Punarnava : 50 mg
  • Bhuiamla : 100 mg
  • Sugar : Q.S.(Approved)

Indication: Effective in the treatment of Liver disorders and Jaundice.
Dosage:2 teaspoons thrice a day with equal amount of water or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Gulwel (TinosporaCordifolia): It is helpful in treating liver damage, viral hepatitis and alcohol, medical or chemical poisoning.The herb helps increase the effectiveness of the protective white blood cells and builds up the body’s own defence mechanism. Guduchi is useful as a diuretic, helps to remove urinary stones and assists in the management of urinary disorders including urinary tract infections.
  • Kutki (Picrorhizakurroa): Kutki is antioxidant. It modulates liver enzyme levels that are already in the normal range. Supports healthy immune system. Purify blood and provides healthy skin. It is mild laxative in nature. Kutki improves lactation, stimulates appetite, supports epidemic jaundice, viral hepatitis. Kutki Powder improves the gall bladder secretions and helps in digestion and metabolism of fats.
  • Adulsa : Pacifies pitta, cough expectorant, antibiotic, antispasmodic, increase platelet contents in blood, Good medicine for dengue, haemorrhage fever, in adjunct to modern treatment.Commonly known as Malabar Nut, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, antitussive and broncho-dilatory action, which eases congestion and coughing by loosening and thinning mucus in the airways. It is a Bronchodilator, as well as an expectorant.
  • Punarnava : Rejuvinates liver and detoxification, helps in jaundice &hepatitis gives new life, strengthens body and removes doshas.Spreading Hogweed is beneficial in treating urinary tract infections. The herb is also administered to patients suffering from nephritic syndrome. It is also helpful in the treatment of asthma and inflammatory conditions like rheumatism.
  • Bhuiamla : Because it is an antispasmodic and smooth muscle Relaxer, it can take the place of the lemon/olive oil liver flush for liver is also believed to help promote the flow of bile and promote healthy gallbladder and liver function.Jaundice phyllantans blocks DNA polymarse i.e. the enzyme, needed for haepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’ virus to reproduce.
  • Triphala : As a rejuvenative herb, it nourishes body tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process. As a powerful antioxidant, EmblicMyrobalan helps scavenge free radicals linked to premature aging. It helps in building the body’s immune system and provides resistance against many diseases, especially those of the respiratory tract.

Packing: Available in 200 ml bottle only.