Orthodic XT


Cissus Quadrangularis (Hadjod) 500 mg: increasing bone mass or accelerating fracture healing rates and pain relieving properties. Treating feminine disorders (menopause, libido, and menstrual disorders)
Boswellia Sarata (Sallai Guggul) 300 mg: Antiinflammatory ,antiarthritic,inhibits PMNL into the joint cavity,prevents further deterioration of joint. (due to presence of boswellic acid in the triterpenoid fraction) inhibits 5-lipoxygenase synthesis ,which stops leucotrine formation.

  • Moti Pishti 50 mg: Is practicable as natural calcium supplement.(CALCIUM CARBONATE) Its calcium is highly micro fine and absorbable in the gut, provides strength to bones, joints(increase or maintain BMD
    Ashwagandha 100 mg: Reinforces muscular mass fortifies body strengthens Tissues, muscles& Bones (The constituent, called withaferin A, was found to increase the proliferation of osteoblasts as well as their differentiation. As the formation of bone is sped up.The researchers also found that withaferin A also sped up the bone healing process through stimulating an enzyme called E3 ubiquitin ligase.)
  • Lajalu 50 mg: Antiinflaamtory,antimicrobial&antioxidant ,effective in Releiving the symptoms of RA,Reinforces muscular mass fortifies body strengthens tissues, muscles, bones & stimulates the immune system

Indications :

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteomalacia
  • Low bone mineral density
  • Joint pains or osteoporosis
  • Fractures
  • Menopause