Peptanil Tablet


Each tablet contains

  • Roitak : 25 mg
  • Kasani : 25 mg
  • Aloe (Extract) : 30 mg
  • Chitrak : 50 mg
  • Shuddha Shilajit : 20 mg
  • Bhuiamla : 50 mg
  • Punarnava : 50 mg
  • Triphala (Extract) : 50 mg Kutki : 70 mg

Indication: Effective in reducing peptic ulcers and hyper acidity.
Dosage:2 tablets thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Gokhru (TribulusTerrestris): The extracts of this herb are useful in treating low libido and erectile dysfunction. It also helps to improve vitility and vigour, removes stones and painful urination, genitourinary disorders increases libido and is also a fitness supplement.
  • Belgirri (AegleMarmelos): It is a fruit used in diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera due to its digestive and carminative properties. Both ripe and unripe fruit are regarded as an astringent. It helps in the healing of ulcerated intestinal surfaces. It possesses antiviral, anthelmintic, and anti-inflammatory properties and has appreciable activity against Vibrio cholera and Salmonella.
  • Punarnava (Boerhaviadiffusa): Rejuvinates liver and detoxification, helps in jaundice & hepatitis gives new life, strengthens body and removes is beneficial in treating urinary tract infections. The herb is also administered to patients suffering from nephritic syndrome. It is also helpful in the treatment of asthma and inflammatory conditions like rheumatism.
  • Hirda (TerminaliaChebula): Laxative astringentanthelmintic appetite stimulant carminafix tonic digestive and genitourinary tract, regulates colon function.
  • Nagarmotha : Muscle relaxation, heals wounds, improves digestion .
  • Haldi (Curcuma Launga or Turmeric): Turmeric has gastroprotective properties, which prevent stomach ulcers. As an anti-inflammatory, itcan be used to combat liver damage, respiratory disorders and ulcers. Turmeric is also known to lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Latakaranj (Caesalpinia Crista): Caesalpinia crista is used in vast range of diseases. It is the best panacea for abdominal pain due to flatulence, as it effectively alleviates the vatadosha. The powder of its roasted seeds with ghee mitigates the condition and relieves the pain. Latakaranja is the best medication for malarial fever. The seeds are stimulant to the uterus, improve the menstrual discharge in oligomenorrhea and reduce the pain in lower abdominal region. Latakaranja is used as a bitter tonic. It is also a useful remedy for cough and asthma, as it alleviates the kaphadosha. The oil prepared from the leaves, is a valuable nervine tonic.

Packing: Available in pack of 30 tablets only.