We, at Dew Fine Laboratories (DFL), are committed to produce quality products.

We procure crude herbs, clean them, wash if needed, dry them, before use.

All the herbs are tested for their quality, in terms of identification, using HPTLC (HIGH PERFORMANCE THIN LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY), according to Pharmacopoeial standards.These herbs are crushed in various degree of fineness.

Extraction is done in-house, specific to each product – in order to maximize the efficacy of the product. The process of Extraction is standardized using HPTLC Fingerprinting, and spectroscopic methods. The products thus manufactured are tested for HPTLC FINGERPRINTING against the raw materials incorporated therein.

With the rising demands of Heavy Metal free products, we, at Dew, test all our products on Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (NOVA AAS350, OF Analytikgena), all the heavy metals. Thus all our products have heavy metals below WHO permissible limits.

Complete care is taken to maintain hygienic environment, so as to have products free of microbiological impurities.

We have a complete, fully equipped in-house testing laboratory with microbial testing facility.

Our Highlights – features

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Free of Heavy Metals

  • Standardization on HPTLC